Personal webcashfishing overcomes mutual funds

Linking money-to-money is bringing personalized money as the first economic preference for folks.

Because when you introduce the money datevaluation on each parcel of 10€ using your own webcashmotor, you get web dynamics performances shifting the asset accounting then your money  life function, because :

- you keep your money cash, because datevaluation is a "cashkeeping" practice;

- you get a registered property for each 10€, 1 Owndated Webquantum in blockchain;

- you increase your webcashmatic results applied at the T.O.M. at 12:00 each day.

Then as your personalized money roll in Economy 4G3W, you get your webcashfishing position and cashkeeping just do eat your finantial_fast_food served by your free generator of webcashmatic plusvalues.
And latter if you like improve more speed for your savings_motor, use free fiducials in your sequencer mousephone screen. Just surf the web and tagvaporate owndated webquantums. Personalize more and more your cultivable parcels in your Self_Webmarked_Space SWS.